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Commercial Property Cleanup

Full property clean up for a local Tampa client. This job included trimming palm tree's & shaving the boots. The landscape beds having been neglected for a long period of time, we gave them some fresh mulch, lots of trimming and hand pruning to create a look that's as good as new. 

Completed July 2020

Interior Office
Building Cleanup

One of our regular clients needed some much needed interior cleaning inside of their office building. They have marble floors and not many places to safely place a ladder but with specialized equipment, it was not a problem for LaRock Services.

Completed May 2020

Residential Tree Removal

Completed August 2020

Commercial Property Maintenance

This shopping center needed to get rid of a potential safety hazard and lawsuit but still be budget friendly . So we removed the raised walls of this planter bed and removed enough dirt to make a recessed planter bed . Problem solved at an affordable price.

Completed September 2020